Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 1155: 7 steps & 10 scraps of paper.

BookShopper, collage postcard

Here we go again, another step by step.
You'll need to let me know when you've had enough?

step 1 (with 3 pieces)

I usually work on a 4x6 mat or crescent board.

step 2

I work from all directions and chose at the end.

step 3 & 4

I was asked what adhesive?  I usually use glue-stick, but ...

step 5

I apply a lot of pressure with a brayer since ...


step 6

I like the collage papers to lay really flat.

step 7

Done. "7 steps & 10 scraps of paper."

back side, ready to address and mail.

You might prefer an earlier step, sometimes I do too.
Sometimes I go too far, sometimes not enough.
and I am having fun all the time.
Thanks again for stopping by.
I'd love to know your thoughts and 
what you're doing when time allows?

90 degrees, first day of Fall, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Demura Sensei's Genbu-Kai • Costa Mesa Dojo Demo Team, Newport Beach 2004

A smile for Thursday ...
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