Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 1152: Party time!

Ticket, collage postcard

Not a big party goer, but when given the invitation, I go.
Lucky me.

Dynamic duo, Susan & Leo, are great party-givers ...
 hosting an annual party for their family & friends.

Held at a fabulous restaurant in Fullerton,

Angelo & Vinci's, is a wild and wonderful venue,

and the food, oh the food ... so delicious!

The party was in one of the private dining halls.

This year the event was held just four days after 
Demura Sensei's 75th birthday... 
so they surprised him with a great cake.

He was surprised, and took pictures.

Followed by a traditional "chop"!

Demura Sensei & Susan

Demura Sensei & Susan

Demura Sensei & Byron

Demura Sensei & Isbell

Demura Sensei with Christy & Dave

Demura Sensei & Mei

Demura Sensei with Mas & Mei

As is my habit, there were so many people
I should have photographed, but missed the opportunity.
But I hope you can tell it was a wonderful evening.
Thank you Susan and Leo!
And Happy Birthday Demura Sensei.

A smile for Monday ...

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