Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 1150: Step by step therapy ...

Receipt, postcard collage + ink

My therapy started today with lunch with artist/friend Valerie!
Valerie makes me smile just to think about her.
I hope you have someone like Valerie in your life.
She is good & kindness in walking form.

She brought me these papers yesterday and ...
I used them today in making some postcards.
So here is a step by step ...

step 1 orange dots, and step 2 ...

yes, that is a dry cleaning receipt ...
nothing is safe.

step 3

Doing these silly postcards is my therapy.

step 4

The crazy world melts away as I play.

step 5

My designs don't have to make sense ...

step 6

which is a good thing in my case.

step 7

Hoping you'll have time to play this weekend?
Thanks for stopping by.

A smile for Saturday ...

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