Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 1144: Too hot to work?

junk mail ad attack, digital collage

The weather people tell us we will cool down this weekend? 

They obviously reversed the humidity numbers ...
it surely should read 73%!
I had big hopes for this warm Saturday.
Okay, not really big, but necessary chores.
Housecleaning, linen change & laundry.
Water the poor parched plants.
Take cleaning, take donations to thrift store.
Get a battery for my watch.
Trader Joe's for some food.
Needed to go to Costco, but ...
I am not brave enough for a Saturday!
Watched the US Open Women's final ...
then did the digital junk mail ad collage above.
At 4PM WonderWoman called and asked me to
join her & Grandhunk #1 for Shabu Shabu!
I waited half a nano-second before saying yes!
I didn't want to appear too eager.

Shabu Shabu followed by 
a walk to the car with Grandhunk #1 ...


a warm terrific Saturday!

A smile for Sunday ...

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