Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 1139: Me versus Google?

God Bless, junk mail collage

Me versus Google?
I guess not!
Doesn't seem like a fair fight?

All I tried to do was ...
to make going to my daily blog a bit easier.
Several maybe not so computer savvy readers ...
asked me if I would send them a daily e-mail
with a link to my daily (1139 days) blog?
I said sure.
I understand them not wanting to have to follow,
where they are asked to join Google, Twitter etc.
So I posted an e-mail.
The receiving number grew to 263 ...
not huge by any online numbers,
but evidently enough to trigger ...
some kind of Google algorithm?
I started getting mass delivery refusals ...
today100 were returned as undeliverables ...
with ominous "fatal errors".
I sighed and made a new e-mail to the 100 ...
apologizing for the delay and trying to explain.
The new e-mail was returned, all 100, individually.
I give up. Google wins. My head hurts.
So, if you want to see my little daily blog ...
PLEASE bookmark:
and it will take you to that day's blog.
Or, you an log onto my FB page:
where there is a daily link to each day's blog post. 
I apologize for the mix up.

Someone once asked me how long I will continue to blog?
I responded, "till I can't!"
Now if you ask me how long I will send out a daily e-mail link,
I guess the answer is the same?

Back to normal lightweight blog fodder tomorrow.
Hope you'll join me when you can?

Meanwhile, a paradise update ...

WW & SM's Maui view

and the view here in So Cal with the crazies ...

A smile for Tuesday ...


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