Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 1128: A quick story ...

Sunflowers, photo & collages , blended

The "storypeople" art below is by artist, Brian Andreas,
I get one from him each day by e-mail.
You can too if you go here.

Anyway, this one made me think of a quick story to share. 
In college, a pledge sister was visited by her family.
They brought her dog to visit too.
It was a big strange looking dog, named Bill.
I asked, "what kind of dog is Bill?"
Nancy said, "Oh he's a mutt, but I always wanted a poodle,
so we keep him trimmed like a poodle."
See, I wasn't the only weirdo!

92 degrees, 69% humidity, Tustin, CA

A smile for Friday ...

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