Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 1127: A four year old's dream ...

4 yr. old's dream, digital photo collage

(text from artwork above)

She was four. Not a beauty, yet not all the way plain. Tiny, not tall. 
Brown hair, and browner eyes. Probably not unlike any four year old, 
except for her quiet intensity. A seriousness uncommon to those so young.

A single child, loved by handsome parents. But they had their own problems, 
both individually and together which left the girl with lots of alone time.
Time for thoughts and dreams. Maybe, in some ways, she was older than 
either of her parents, but she seemed to accept that as a given.

She could sit alone in her parents closet occupied by her thoughts,
oblivious to the shouting coming from the kitchen. 
She wasn’t there as punishment, rather by choice. 
She had visions of places far away, exotic people 
and locals where she had been or would be ...


Maybe 19 years ago, when completing a degree at UCI
Dr. Berry assigned a digital composition that 
would combine images, words and a story.
This came tumbling out of me.
Some think it's sad, but to me it is reality.

92 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

August 26, 1995

A smile for Thursday ...

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