Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 1121: I did a marathon!

Hmmm, Stabillo & ink journal page drawing

You probably know me well enough to be laughing, right?
I don't think I have a marathon in me, but ...
I did show up to help with Costa Mesa Dojo's
29th Annual Jr. Karate Marathon on Thursday.

Cheyenne from a past marathon

You can see earlier posts from 2013 here
and a post about the history of this event here.

Beautiful Balearic Park, Costa Mesa, CA

Each coach has one color stickers and ...
a skill to ask kids to perform. 

 Coaches were scattered at ...
different locations within the 10 acres.


Great competitors worked hard but had fun!

After completing the marathon course, it was "suika" time.
Thanks to June Nomura for providing "suika" (watermelon)
which has been a Nomura Family tradition for years and years.

Then "dumb prizes", always a hit.

Some of the adult karate-ka

Thanks to adults who help with jr. class & come early to help.
Thanks to Instructor Roy Center for another successful marathon.

2015 Jr. Marathon Coaches

Megan, black belt member of CM dojo could not attend 
due to work, but made and sent individual gifts for all.

Thanks Megan! (I love mine!)

A smile for Friday ...

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