Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 1120: It's been a battle ...

 really? Stabillo & pen sketch on journal page

TMI alert!
Even been in a internet battle?
Six days ago I left AT&T and moved to Cox Cable.
In search of speed, I bundled cable, phone & internet ...
and have lost the latter two at least twice daily ever since.
4 techs & internet down 11 times in six days.
Today Tech #4 came at 4PM and I suggested ...
a new modem/router, he agreed.
It didn't work, nor the second or third new modem/router!

internet battleground

Tech #4 called Cox CA support headquarters who tried, but ultimately gave a job ticket for Arizona support, the next step up.
Deciding it was a signal problem, AZ support gave a job ticket
for Atlanta support, evidently the top of the help chain?
At 6PM Tech #4 left me saying the signal would come on again when Atlanta fixed it, in 15 minutes or whatever time necessary.
I admit, I go through withdrawal without my internet.
Panicked, I was surely going to miss posting this Day 1120?
At 8:53 modem lights started flickering while 
being consoled by Superman on the phone. 
He had me pull up this url to test it and voila I now have 
59.62 download speed, and 6.76 upload speed. cool.

I know this is TMI, but thank you for letting me vent!
I promise not to bring it up again ... (I think).

89 degrees Santa Ana, CA humid, no A/C - 3 fans

for Throwback Thursday ...

Young Grandhunks @ Staple Center 2006?

A smile for Thursday ...

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