Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 1104: Once upon a journal ...

"Ladeda", scribble drawing + collage, journal spread

Sunday was the first of four classes titled ...

offered through

the artist support & education branch of ...

6672 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683 • (714) 891-3626

I am so grateful for ASW/Catalyst,  for a great venue 

that provides a nurturing space, a new journal, and ...
whatever materials needed for that day.

I bring some of my 80 journals
for students to see, as I explain
my approach to this on-going
mixed-media journal class. 
This is a no rules, no fail class.
The journal can go in any direction.
A safe place to experiment, 
explore techniques,
save thoughts & ideas
and mainly to play & have fun.

Each class member receive a hard bound journal,
and faces 110 blank white pages, so ...

we "marked the territory", 
personalizing the front and back pages.
Then some drawing exercises to loosen up,
for fun or to add to later on.

Search and selected papers for collage ...

and on to a grid collage exercise, training in collage ...

by Jane

by Julie

by Kim

by Karen

And we did more, honest, but somebody ...

and forgot to take more pictures.
She does that sometimes.


Three more fun classes available ... 
Sundays, August 16, 23 & 31 ... 12 - 2:30PM
Wanna play? Info & sign up - click here.

85 degrees & humid, Santa Ana, CA

Five members of Team Canada joined us for class.

We love the Canadians!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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