Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 1103: A canvas, mixed media style ...

No Map, mixed media on canvas demo

On Saturday we had a three hour class titled ...

where 15 remarkable artists,  age 13 to beyond met at ...

for three hours playtime, and this is what we did!

After a quick demo, the mighty 15 got busy with
acrylics, papers, and a 12 x12" heavy duty canvas  ...

by Jonathan, age 13

no limits, just lots of ideas ...

by Leslie

making mono-prints as we worked.

by Stuart

Each artist ...

by Stuart 

had their own approach.

by Casey (top left) and Kim

The emphasis being on ...

by Michelle

experimenting and fun!

by ShuShu

Three hours, $45 ...

by Karen

all supplies included ...

by Irene

lots of fun ...

by Sabrina

win - win - win?

by Liesda

Can you tell we had fun?

by Sarina

 It was a really good group.

by Naery

Maybe the best ever.

by Sue

Maybe you can come join us sometime?

by Leslie

We get the nicest people.

by Sharon

It's true.


A smile for Monday ...

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