Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 1131: 15 hot artists!

Main Street, junk mail & acrylic

Last day of  4 August Sunday classes in ...

offered through ...

 15 "hot" artists on a very "hot" day ... came to play.

A fun class where everything is supplied.

One of today's projects ... all 15  got the kit below ...
a mixture of papers ...

with the task to use any or all for a journal collage ...
with a time limit.

by Jane

at the end of the time limit, 
they could add anything to complete the composition.

by Julie

by Treena

by Cindy

by Sherril

by Rose

by Penny

by Leslie

Different projects, making personal stamps,

by Josie

stamp people and more.

by Karen

Amazing what you can do in 2-1/2 hours ...
when you're hot!

And, a quick commercial for September classes ...

Altered Journals and Mail Art
Thursdays September 3, 10, 17 and 24, 2015 -- 10:00AM to 12:30PM
Join artist Jacki Long for a fun adventure into altering old library books to create one of a kind journals. Play with different materials altering the cover and pages inside. Make postcard art to mail to friends trying out a variety of different materials and techniques.
REGISTRATION: $40 per class, or $140 for the series.
Limited seats are available for these classes, so sign up today!

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 1130: No body image problems for her ...

Clown,  junk mail collage

Recently heard the term BDD, body image disorder ...
or body dysmorphic disorder to be exact.
Seems a lot of us have some degree of it.
Well I am glad to report there is none of it for

my youngest Granddog, Chloe.
A  full figured American Bulldog,
who outweighs Granddogs 1 & 2 considerably.
Her parents obviously did a great job raising her ...
as she is known to sit infatuated, in front of her mirror image.  

Okay, maybe a few love handles, but ...

nothing that a treadmill can't fix.

Careful to stay hydrated. 
So, all in all ...

just another healthy happy teenage (in dog years) girl!

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 1129: 92 and clear ...

"Sassafras", junk mail collage

Thursday, I rode with WW & Kelly  ...
to Orange Lutheran High School's first "frosh" game of the year.

It was held at Dominguez High School in Compton.
The  game was scheduled for OLU but because of the heat index,
was moved to DHS where they have grass ...
rather than the artificial turf that radiates an extra 10 degrees heat.
We walked a ways to the aged bleachers ...
 to perch in the 92' heat for the game.

OLU team was larger in number. 
DHS seemed half or less, not in physical size but number.
To play FB or sports at OLU is pricey, 
so I reasoned that might be a factor at DHS.
The teams seems more equal in ability ...
than the eventual 21 - 0  OLU winning score would tell.
At half time the 6 OLU coaches & managers took 
the team to shade & water at the end of the field.
The 3 DHS coaches met their player under the goal posts 
in the sun. No managers or water apparent.

(my grandson is the cute one)

At one point a DHS player ran a speedy, picture-perfect touchdown
which was summarily declined by referees ....
due to interference by non-players on the sidelines.
Most of us missed the interference, watching the skillful DHS run.
When the game was over, we rolled limp, out of the stands.
OLU team boarded their A/C bus to return to the OC.
My joy for my grandson and the terrific OLU team is 
tempered by a sadness for the inequalities in life,
that are so easily overlooked when we are on the easy side.

Maybe TMI, but I needed this.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 1128: A quick story ...

Sunflowers, photo & collages , blended

The "storypeople" art below is by artist, Brian Andreas,
I get one from him each day by e-mail.
You can too if you go here.

Anyway, this one made me think of a quick story to share. 
In college, a pledge sister was visited by her family.
They brought her dog to visit too.
It was a big strange looking dog, named Bill.
I asked, "what kind of dog is Bill?"
Nancy said, "Oh he's a mutt, but I always wanted a poodle,
so we keep him trimmed like a poodle."
See, I wasn't the only weirdo!

92 degrees, 69% humidity, Tustin, CA

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 1127: A four year old's dream ...

4 yr. old's dream, digital photo collage

(text from artwork above)

She was four. Not a beauty, yet not all the way plain. Tiny, not tall. 
Brown hair, and browner eyes. Probably not unlike any four year old, 
except for her quiet intensity. A seriousness uncommon to those so young.

A single child, loved by handsome parents. But they had their own problems, 
both individually and together which left the girl with lots of alone time.
Time for thoughts and dreams. Maybe, in some ways, she was older than 
either of her parents, but she seemed to accept that as a given.

She could sit alone in her parents closet occupied by her thoughts,
oblivious to the shouting coming from the kitchen. 
She wasn’t there as punishment, rather by choice. 
She had visions of places far away, exotic people 
and locals where she had been or would be ...


Maybe 19 years ago, when completing a degree at UCI
Dr. Berry assigned a digital composition that 
would combine images, words and a story.
This came tumbling out of me.
Some think it's sad, but to me it is reality.

92 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

August 26, 1995

A smile for Thursday ...