Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 1095: A magical lake, really!

Storm@theLake, photo & i-pad collage

It is an idyllic setting.

view from the balcony

Cousin Martha and John have built a house of love.
Two story, three baths, five bedrooms ...
including a boys and girls dorm. (Planning!)
Designed for optimum use by family and friends.
Perched on a point of the Lake Shafer, Monticello, IN
and at the mouth of a quiet inlet, it's just perfect!

Speed boats, jet ski's, pontoons, aqua-floats,

photo by Michelle
jumbo dog, inner tubes and every kind of float ...

that can be pulled, gunned or balanced on.
Life vests, sunscreen & bug spray for every size.
And the food ... Oh my!
While dishes are being done, discussions for the next meal.
When I mentioned this phenomena, 
Cousin Paula, from Florida, promptly replied ...
"You're in Indiana, girls!"
The kids decorated Brian's birthday cake ...

it seems 16 jr. chef's can decide what is needed ...
a chocolate iced M&M extravaganza!

In back of the cabin is a huge tree lined field for soccer,

tag and all kinds of creative games, ages 4 and up. 

This is my view from the big hammock. 
I liked it a lot and only fell out once. 

On Saturday evening there was an approaching storm.
I tried to send it to needy California, 
as Indiana has had so much rain ...
but seems like I have no authority here either.


A three day cast of 39, on stage for the Richardson troupe.
Missing 8 from Florida & 4 from California.

Missing Nancy & Katha, photo by Michele

3 of 5 original cousins.

Missing Nancy & Jack

3 + 2 husbands, the parents/grandparents (OBG's)

6/7 children/ cousins, missing Denise

Our kids above, and their excellent choices below ...

10/14, missing Sean, Denise, Keith and Bassel

Above is an editor, lawyer, sales executive, advertising director, 
several engineers, doctor, personal trainer & nurse  ...
can you pick out which is which?
And below, their prodigy ...

16/22 ...  missing Jordan, Peyton, Abbey, Jordan S,. Jake S & Zack

dozens of cousins ... indeed.

Life is good!

A smile for Sunday ...

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