Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 1094: Re-visiting history.

Handle with Care, photo and collage, digitally blended

As mentioned earlier, this week trip was all about family.

On Friday morning WW and I walked again ...

not voluntarily on my part, but much needed
when you are eating Indiana style.
Then 8 of us left Lebanon, Indiana 
by car for the lake ... by way of Sheridan.

We stopped at the Sheridan Cemetery to add flowers to
the graves of Aunt Pauline and Uncle Owen,
Connor, Ryan & Gavin's Great Grandma and Grandpa.

Cousin Connor loves family history, so we visited ...

the Richardson family farm, where his Grandpa, 
WW's and my Uncle Owen was born.

       A beautiful, quiet farm where you can almost feel the past.

After considerable work & research by Cousin Bob,

the State of Indiana declared the farm 
a historical heritage landmark ...

with a plaque for being in one family for 137 years.
Tune in tomorrow for the magic at the lake.
Get out the life-vests, bug spray and sunscreen!

A smile for Saturday ...

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