Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 1093: A family picnic with dozens of cousins!

Barnwall. photo

On our second evening in Indiana, 
the cousins had arranged a picnic in the park!
This is a family tradition from when I was little.

No, I am not in this pic, it's just a really great old family photo!

Everyone fixing their best dishes to share.

photo by cousin Janice

Our nearest picnic count was 45?
Hard to be sure as there was constant movement.
All were busy with water balloons, 
games, food, fun, lots of talking ...
and evidently very little photography?


There are four generations now ...
Generation 1: 
Five cousins ... Katha, Donna, Nancy, Jacki, Martha
We five had ten children ...

 Generation 2 : 
Alana, Carmen, David, Sheryl, Scott, 
Paula, Denise, Erin, Janice, Brian
The ten had thirty children ...

Generation 3: 
Dana, Jayna, Aaron, Marc, Austin, 
Kalene, Masin, Lucie, Justin, Donavan, Jayden, Julia, 
Connor, Ryan, Gavin, Jordan G., Peyton, Abbey, 
Jordan S., Jacob, Zack, Will, Megan, Tyler, 
          Madeline, Katie, Ava, Gabe, Jake,  & Tanner.
          From the thirty, there are six so far ...
 Generation 4 : 
Briana, Taylor, Alivia, Abigale, Eli, & Ayden
Cousin Katha has six great grandchildren!

WW & David, photo by Katha

This trip was all about family, and 
I may have more photos of the following days later.
These two cousins have been close since they were little.
WW loves his tattoo, and yes, David is that tall!

90 degrees & humid in Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Friday ...

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