Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 1092: A harbinger of fun ...

Abstract Kansas, photo & digital collage

One sure harbinger of a good time ... 

is to travel with WonderWoman ... anywhere.
We flew non-stop from LAX to IND Wednesday.

While waiting for boarding at LAX, I caught this little cutie ...
making the best use of her waiting time.
Once on board WW took a selfie ...

Don't I look happy? Yes? I would go anywhere with her!
Oh, and I couldn't find my camera?

It was at home somewhere but I left without it, so ...
used my older i-phone. (WW's new version takes better shots)

Thought I might take you with me?

Straight out over the beach ...


A "Pacific check" for Lynn in Colorado ...


 she likes to know it's still there.

 Then looking for Irene's house in Palos Verde Estates.


Looking down on San Pedro and the docks. 
Then I pulled down the window shade for the movie.
During which WW reached over and turned off my screen.
"No tv for you," she joked.
A bit later my movie had been switched to Spanish.
Never a dull moment, but lots of fun.

This is Kansas, I checked once in a while.


 And for a cloud-lover, this is heaven.

 Arriving in very green Indiana.

Do you know me well enough to know which plane I like?

 This post covers the flight ...
I am hoping to share the week that followed, 
which was all about family.


And, for FB Throwback Thursday ...

Teaching Jr. High, 1969



A smile for Thursday ... 

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