Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 1084: The joy of surprise!

2 geranium, collage & photography, digitized

Aren't surprises just the best?
Of course I mean good surprises!
I had one today.
I usually enter my little abode through the garage, 
after parking my car there.
So, I don't always check my front door.
Today, as I drove by, my eye caught something pink ...
on my front door? 

 Real estate agents don't leave pink stuff?

Definitely not from a real estate guy! 

And polka dots means it's from someone who knows me ...
and my quirky love of any kind of dots!

Opening it, I found these cool Japanese candy/cookies on a pick!

I think I made out plum, melon and cherry?
I'd share their name, but I can't read it. Can you?

It was from Emi!

Thanking me.
Now it's my turn to thank Emi!
You can tell how special she is, right?
She & Eric are two of my favorite people on the planet!

Oishi des! Arigato Emi-chan!


I hope you get a special surprise today too!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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