Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 1067: A slow Saturday, duds & Netflix

"Redder", junk mail collage

Day #1067 and still chugging along! Today it's uphill!
The number of consecutive days amazes me.
But of course there are plenty of "duds" ...
dud/dəd/ noun
a thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless.

Duds: unexploded shells on the Somme, still there today. Image thanks to shipscompass at flickr 

Maybe you can tell I am struggling today?
Waiting for divine intervention... soon!


And that would have been it, but
WonderWoman and Superman went out to dinner.

So I got to spend time with GH 1 & 3 and Netflix.
I don't have Netflix or movie channels, so a movie night!
GH #3 picked ...

which was fun to see again after so many years.
Then GH #1 picked "Jiro dreams of Sushi",
which I had never heard of?

a 2011 award-winning American documentary.
You can see a 2 minute video trailer by clicking here.
One review said: “The best sushi in Japan can be found in a Ginza subway station. Its 85-year-old chef, Jiro Ono, is not merely a brilliant cook, he is a difficult patriarch who runs his 10-seat three star Michelin restaurant with an iron hand. Put down the California roll and partake of a slow-motion 20-course paean to perfection.”

I was so impressed by this elegant movie and also ...
the fact that my 17 year old Grandhunk picked it,
after watching it twice before. 
They all like sushi.

A smile for Sunday ...

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