Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 1065: Assistant Mama Bear on duty.

"Red-faced", drawing & collage digitized

Yesterday's surgery was a success and all are home safe.
Well almost. Superman had to fly to LV for a trade show,
 WW & Grandhunk #1 got home from the hospital at 2PM.
I checked in that AM for assistant duty.
Took GH #3 to lifting for FB @ OLU 10 - 11:30
Then lunch.
 GH#1 showered and is resting/sleeping with a guard.

GH#1 & Bella on guard duty

GH #2 had work then a BB game for OLU  (they won).
I took GH#3 to his cross fit training at 4 PM, 
then picked up food for tonight.
WonderWoman & 3 dogs picked up GH#3 @ 6PM
So 4 out of 5 are home for the night.
I am now home, how was your day?

A smile for Friday ...

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