Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 1062: Another step by step? Two in a row?

"West", magazine & junk mail collage postcard

Another step by step? Two in a row? Yep!

Every so often I go through magazines before recycling.


Yes, I do recycle but not till I do tear sheets 
of colors, text that I might use ... eventually.
In my opinion, I don't hoard junk, I harvest great paper?

Starting with a 4 x 6" postcard size crescent board ...

the first piece down, is text upside down, as is my habit.

Second (left) and third (right) pieces down ...
I had intended to shoot each piece separately,
but I forgot.

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Fourth and fifth pieces of orange.

Sixth (blue, center) and seventh (purple, left center) pieces adhered.

 Small blue piece at right is piece eight,  and almost done.

 Just another bit of blue and I stop.
 Nine pieces of magazine scraps & junk mail, 
20 minutes work time,
photographing, scanning and posting a bit more.

  A smile for Tuesday ...

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