Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 1059 : A full house for fun!

"Rusty Freckles", acrylic on paper

A full house for ...

a three hour class at ...

An artist-friendly venue where supplies are included ...


and fun is on the menu.

After a quick demo ...

 we started with quick sketching to loosen up.

using pens, acrylics & paper for collage ....

by Carmen

some of the quick sketches became paintings.

by Cindy

Working on different substrates and canvas ...

different sizes and approaches ...

by Linda, Ann, and Maggie (2)

lots of experimenting.

by Kim

Three hours flew by,

by Margaret

in a fun, playful way.

by Maggie

Wonderful to see ...

by Carmen

variety with the group.

by Annvanette and others

even within each artist.

by Jan

Everyone went home with their own ...

by Josie

crowd of faces.

by Carmen

Maybe you'll join us sometime?
Have a happy weekend.

A smile for Saturday ...

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