Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 1053: picture static on a tv screen ...

Picture a tv screen with vibrating grey dots or static .... or
that's what I think happened when stations were off the air,
100 years ago when I was a kid?
That's how I feel, can't blog well from my iPad ...
but don't want to miss for the first time in 1053 days.
If you are reading this nonsense I hope you'll 
come back later today for an update?
I have plans for a better post when I get home,
and am reunited with my significant other, my MacPro!
Yes, I need to camp out at the Genius Bar at Apple ...
and not leave till I learn to post properly from my iPad.

8 hours later:
Home for this quick update, not available with the ipad.
I am still on Grandma duty with Grandhunk's 1 & 3 while 
WW & SM and watching GH2 the BB games in SD.

Jake is a member of Orange Lutheran H.S. varsity basketball team.
They are playing in a weekend tournament and ...
have won all six games, so are happy champs!
I wouldn't normally post this, but ...
Jake turned 16 yesterday and celebrated with his team & parents.
I am celebrating now!

So a few pictures from the past year ...

and a few from years past.
Grandma's are allowed to be mushy & sentimental ...
it's in out job description, so there!

A smile for Sunday ...

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