Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 1050: Eastside gang does jewelry!

"Total",  junk mail collage postcard

Wednesday was our monthly "Eastside Gang" get-together!
Norma, gourd artist extraordinaire, was host & teacher.

She prepared kits and pre-cut gourd pieces for us ...
so we could spend the day making jewelry.

Sanding, staining, carving, sand-painting, gluing, drilling, 
painting, soldering and more ... lots of supplies necessary.

Sherril, Linda, Libby, jacki, Erin, Marilyn, & Diane

All under the watchful eyes of our newest member ...

        "Eastside" Ethan, 
Norma's 10 month old puppy.

Another great day with great friends.
Thank you Norma!

a cool katydid visitor, photographed by Marilyn

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

a smile for Thursday ...

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