Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 1040: Ambushed, but happily so.

"Page 26",  old papers collage postcard

As mentioned here and here, I have been on Grandma TLC duty.
Originally, the "TLC" stood for taxi, launder, cook.
As there was a lot of each in the initial job description.
Now with Grandhunk #1 driving, and 
Grandhunk # 2 who will be driving this month ...
there's not as much taxi duty.
Cooking has been mostly replaced by eating out or on the run.
But, laundry still happens, big time!
I follow the house rules, which allow ...
Granddogs on the couch only in the game room.

me, Laker & Zack.

Grandhunk #1 got this photo of me, Granddog #2 & Z.
as I watched Grandhunk  #3 play Call to Duty.
Ambushed, but happily so.
Hope you had a great weekend too?

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