Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 1035: Why yes, I do take requests.

"Spectacle", a junk mail, tissue & old paper collage postcard

It seems that some of you ... enjoy seeing the art process?
Almost an equal number seem to like seeing the mess involved.
And since, yes, I do take requests ...
today I will attempt to catch the steps and related mess,
as I make yet another postcard.

 I start with my hoarded papers ... anything I think I might use!

Using a 4 x 6" crescent board substrate & possible papers.

Cloudy outside and I seem to be going for neutrals?
Yes, I knew you would notice the two blemishes ...
but they will be covered by collage.

A master paper hoarder has to have a variety!

I am still in postcard mode, I never have too many.

First piece glued, yet to be trimmed, more ready.

Second piece down, both trimmed.

This is the next paper piece, with glue on back, ready to adhere.
I work on a telephone book and smooth with a brayer.

No plans. I just play till I like it.
I do spy some Ralph's ad waiting nearby.

Almost done?

Now for the back, address side and mini collage.

Thanks for asking.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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