Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 1022: Round and round ... and more.

acrylic layers on postcard

           I am in a Round Robin with 6 other wonderful artists.  
        Each month we do an 8 inch square for one of the group -
      ending with 7 squares from everyone including ourselves. 
        These are folded in what is called the Turkish Map Fold.  
        They will be glued to one another forming a pop-up book. 
                  A link to how the squares are folded, here

*apologies for poor camera work = yellow cast

I started with an 8" square Japanese print as the outside,
starting the Turkish fold for artist John Arbuckle

Once folded, the Japanese print is the outside.

*apologies for poor camera work = yellow cast

I added a dictionary sheet on the inside, as a base, and...
using a Montana marker, started to scribble.

*apologies for poor camera work = yellow cast

Adding some tissue paper, I do love dots.

*apologies for poor camera work = yellow cast

Still not sure where I am going, or why ...
I add strips and pieces of mulberry paper, 
previously printed with my artwork.

I decided to add two Ukiyo-e type faces,
also printed on mulberry paper to have transparency. 
Almost done.

Done. Can you find the addition?

I used the same Japanese print paper to make the envelope.
It turned out wonky, but the paper is nice, right?
I'd like to say that I meant for the face to be upside down,
but maybe you know me well enough to know better?

This was mailed off to Washington yesterday ...

wonky, but with love.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

USA National Championships, Orlando, Fl 199?

A smile for Thursday ...

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