Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 1020: Bye bye Flat Stanley!

acrylic, paper & china marker collage postcard (front)

acrylic, paper & china marker collage postcard (back)

Earlier in May, a visitor from Florida came in the mail! 
A flat one actually, mentioned in an earlier blog here.
Cousin Nancy's daughter, Denise's son,
Peyton sent me 
by snail mail.
Part of a school project, I tucked
Peyton into "Flat Stanley's" pocket so he could come along too.
Stanley came with a  introduction letter ...

I took him with me to the hombu dojo where he met ...
 famous Demura Sensei and young Alexander. 

Next, I started a souvenir book for Stanley to take to Peyton ...

And now Stanley is the mail to Peyton!
Have a safe trip!

83' today in Santa Ana, CA

Demura Sensei is teaching in Costa Rica.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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