Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 1019: Best Mother's Day yet ...

junk mail collage & acrylic postcard

Today was the best Mother's Day yet ...
but I'm leaving room for next year and the next.
The bar has been set pretty high.

Three handsome grand-hunks came at 1 PM.

Two grand-hunks ate and one made himself comfortable.

GH #1 drove us to the beach, I got to hold #1"s tulips for WW.
ETA: 25 minutes

Newport Beach

The Pacific was still there, and more than inviting.

WW brownie points for Jordan, tulips and a sweet card.

(11 out of 13 family members, the two cute ones were playing)

WonderWoman had a new "selfie" stick ...

and Superman was intrigued.

A really great day ...

and five above, the best Mothers Day gift ever.

I am blessed indeed.

A smile for Monday ...

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