Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 1018: Sometimes it's okay to be mean?

"O", acrylic & collage postcard

Friday I had a appointment in Yorba Linda.
I text-ed WonderWoman to see if she wanted to join me for lunch.
She mainly has clients in the mornings, so I knew it was if-y.

So I was off alone to Mongolian Barbecue for an early lunch.


I couldn't resist sending a pic of the egg-roll, usually given to her.

She replied that I was mean, and teasing my sick child.
Which necessitated further pictures of ...

my food, enjoyed but gone.
Sometimes it's okay to be mean?

          • • •

TMI Side note: They furnish seven condiments to go with the meal. I use only two. Sesame seeds & the deadly mixture shown at left. It is a super hot chili paste guaranteed to rid your body of all evils. You can see the lethal chili flakes floating, ready to cause tears, open sinuses, lungs, organs and more.
I dip the spoon so as to get the liquid and few flakes ... this is my secret formula for survival. Now you know.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's (and everyone who has one)!

A smile for Sunday ...

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