Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 1015: Dinner with Apeman!

(old drawing + collage = postcard)

While teaching at Costa Mesa Genbu-Kai dojo for 32 years ...
I was lucky to have thousands of special students. 
Some for many years.
"Apeman", aka Michael, is one of those.
He came to me at age seven and is now late twenties.
I teased him with this moniker because ...
 as a youngster he had a sloppy draw-hand. 
The name is now famous.
Used to spur on correct form in all aged karate-ka.

Today I will meet Apeman ay 4:30 for an early dinner & a chat.
Still collecting benefits from a great job.

And for FB Throwback Thursday ...

Marcus Aurelius of Dun Roman (9) & Erin (1-1/2), Christmas 1974

Sidebar: J.C. Penney photo studio had never had 170 lb. dog 
and a 1-1/2 year old for a Christmas photo before. ;o)

A smile for Thursday ...

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