Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 999: No pressure, just another day ... I keep telling myself!

"So",  a junk mail collage postcard

Last day before I post 1000 ...
nobody cares, but I had big plans for today.
That's when you can get blindsided ...
funny sounds coming from my economy car,

and a digital message that Service A is due.
Shift goals/gears and go to the Honda place.

On the way, I get a call from WonderWoman. 
"Wanna go to lunch at Shabu Shabu?

With Jordan, Grandhunk #1?"
Is the Pope Catholic?

Of Course I want to go.
Shift gears/ goals and meet at Shabu Shabu.
Call the car service and adjust my appointment time.
To spare you a few steps, I am now home ...
with a clean and healthy car, a still full me
and possible a nap with my name on it?
I'm thinking you just have to be flexible to survive?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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