Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 998: Grandma TLC, Procreate and other weekend stuff!

"Important", a junk mail collage postcard.

Yes, Grandhunk #3, the 4 Granddogs and I ...
are ruffing it together this weekend.
We "6" are an easy group.
We eat when we get hungry, sleep when we're done and ...
fill the middle with whatever seems right at the time.
Grandhunks #1 & #2 left on an OLU Missions trip 
 Thursday and will be back Monday.
WonderWoman & Superman saw that as a chance for a PS getaway.

Grandhunk #3 had lifting Saturday morning for football at OLU.

I have been viewing Procreate tutorials on you tube.

They make sense at the time, so am hoping to retain some.
Three tutorials is my limit, then I need a nap!
No tv so far today. ;o)
I read the entire paper & finished my Allister McCall Smith book.

(I hate that, because it's always a long wait till his next one)
These GTLC times make me operate differently ...
more go with the flow.
The time left with the Grandhunks is finite,
so I am there whenever they want me.
I will be home again Sunday evening and reunited with ...
my significant other, my MacPro.

He and I both are slowing and need updates.

A smile for Monday ...

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