Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 997: Demura Sensei on the go!

"Nation",  junk mail collage postcard

Demura Sensei travels. A lot!

photo by Frank Almeda

Recently, he and Frank Almeda went to 
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

photo by Frank Almeda

It seems to me that Sensei is happiest 
when sharing Karate with others.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace & Demura Sensei,
photo by Frank Almeda

As an honored guest, Demura Sensei was invited by 
Sue Hawks and the United States Karate Association ...
whose officials made him very welcome.

photo by Frank Almeda

The next weekend he was in Las Vegas with Thanh Nguyen

April 2 - 5 for the Ozawa Cup ...
an elite Internation Karate competition.

photo by Thanh Nguyen

and the following weekend back again to LasVegas
April 9 - 11 with Mark Martinez, 
invited by Dr. Jordan, as an honored dignitary  ///


for the US Karate Alliance National Championships...

photo by Thanh Nguyen

then back to Orange County for Hanamatsuri on April 11.

photos by Mei Okumura

As I write, Demura Sensei is away teaching ...

at Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai's New York Dojo.

We like it when Demura Sensei is at home with us,
at our hombu dojo in Santa Ana,
but we have to share.

A smile for Sunday ...

equine selfie

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