Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 996: Maybe one of the smartest things ...

"Gravity", a junk mail collage postcard

I think one of the smartest things I did on retiring,
(I am hoping there are more than one) ...
was to start this silly, daily blog on Friday, July 20, 2012.
It makes me accountable on a daily basis.
I think that's a good thing at my age, maybe at any age.
I always warn, the posts can't all be gems ...
but once in a while I think I get lucky.
I just re-read Day 1 for the first time in 996 days ...
and I liked it!

After retiring from teaching at various levels for 11 years, 
and teaching Karate for thirty one years ... I jumped into this blog.
It helped that **** rolled his eyes when I said I would blog daily.
He didn't say I couldn't, but his eyes said I wouldn't.
I thank him now, he didn't know me.

A smile for Saturday ...

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