Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 993: "My ideas come in spurts ..."

"10",  paper & junk mail collage postcard

So lucky to receive quite a few comments after Monday's blog,
a shameless plea for help and ideas that can be seen here.
Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.
Luckily, I started a week ahead this time,
the night before is my usual approach.
And, as I was replying to CT's kind comment, 
I said ...  "my ideas come in spurts ..." 
and then quickly decided that might work for a blog?
You would probably be surprised how often that happens.

So where do your ideas come from? 
For me, sometime I dream up ideas.
The problem is to capture them ...
before they melt away into never-never land.
Sometimes I write them down, sure that when I get up, 
I'll have new answers to something.
Later, if I can read my scribble, usually, not so much.
But, for the most part, my ideas do indeed come in spurts ...
and usually seem to continue and develop as I work!
Draw, scribble, collage, paint, read, photograph ... whatever.
Just sayin'.
 How about you?

85 degrees in Santa Ana, CA.

A smile for Wednesday ...


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