Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 992: "Dosankodebbie", etegami & other cool stuff!

"For Lease",  junk mail collage

My friend and wonderful artist, Irene Rafael ...
referred me to "DOSANKODEBBIE"!
Irene thought and was correct, 
that I would enjoy her blog. 

Debbie Davidson is a Japan to English translator,
as well as etegami artist, author and illustrator.
Etegami (e= "picture"; tegami= "letter/message") are simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words. 

Her work, all items shown, & more are available on her etsy shop.

Beautiful colors and a wonderful sense of design.

Original hand-painted etegami, as well as fine prints ...

postcards, supplies and magnets.

 Born and raised in Japan ...
she shares a rare view of both cultures.
I think you are in for a treat!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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