Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 991: Sneaking up on one thousand ...

"Exhilaration",  one of a series of kanji, with altered digital photography.

Sneaking up on one thousand days ...
of this silly blog, in a row, that is!
Sometimes, life is about showing up, right?
Maybe not always great content, or art ,,,
but the effort to be there?

"M" in latin numerals,  
I knew that would come in handy someday.
Coming up on April 22, Earth Day. 

Some blogs have a giveaway, and I am willing, 
but don't know what anyone would want?

Can you help me?
How can I celebrate 1000 and include you who read this blog?
I don't get many comments, 
but the numbers are pretty good, 
so somebody is out there, right?
I know some don't want to join google, and I get that.
You can e-mail me at, or ...
message me on FB at

I really need your help ...

and ideas!

A smile for Monday ... 

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