Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 983: 12 miles away from home and homesick.

Shadow, collage postcard

Not really, but I like that title!
I am indeed 12 miles from home ...
but I am not homesick.
I am house and grand-dog sitting.
I have 4,  count'em 4 grand-dogs at my side, literally.

There's Roxie, the matriarch Shih-tzu, 13 years old  ...
that's 91 in dog years and we relate.

Then Bella, 11, also Shih-tzu, the miracle dog.
Initially a very sick puppy ...
who triumphed and will outlast us all.

Laker, 5, the boxer, is the athlete 
and the sweetest of the group. 

Chloe, 2, an American Bulldog, is the diva, 
with more personality that the whole gang.

So while the super-heroes are baking at Lake Havasu,
I am in good company.

A smile for Sunday ...

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