Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 1008: Again, just under the wire.

old drawing plus collage = postcard

Where did this month go?
Seems that's my question at the end of every month.
My 8" square artwork (with Turkish fold) is due to Irene.
We can do whatever we want.
I decided to do a collage form of a journal drawing.

journal sketch, ink brush

So a light sketch on the 8" square, already folded.

Adding torn paper ... deciding on the colors as I go.

A little acrylic just on the face, almost done.

Some red & black china marker & finished.


Making sure it still folds.


I used a Japanese print as my base paper,

which folds flat for mailing ...

in a matching envelope. My first attempt.
The other artists are light years ahead of me.
They do artwork on handmade envelopes!
I'm learning & am lucky they let me play at all.
Makes going to the mailbox fun!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

 Summer Seminar, SA, CA 1993

83' in Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Thursday ...

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