Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 1005: How to spend a perfect Sunday?

collage & old drawing postcard

I am on a roll!
Saturday was a perfect day ...

and Sunday was perfect too.

Valerie drive us, on our way to ...

Perched on top of a hill with an amazing view of the Pacific,

San Pedro, the Port of Los Angeles,

and Catalina Island ...

Angels Gate Park is a gem to be enjoyed, and we did.

Angels Gate Cultural Center is a group of re-purposed barracks, 
made into various sized artist studios.

Painting, photography, ceramics, printmaking and more.

and in one of the buildings ...

the amazing building-sized set up of n-gauge railways
set up by the Angles Gate High Railers &

We worked so hard, we got hungry.
I don't know why I always forget to shoot the food?
Val had the veggie melt & I had the spicy pork melt.
It was delicious and magically disappeared.

Many different groups performed throughout the event.

We turned right instead of left, going to the Korean Friendship Bell.

A wonderful spot, kite flying, & families enjoying the day.

Up close, the detail is incredible.

And the view from the bell ...

then time to start for Orange County,
follow that Ferrari!

Easier Sunday traffic.

Another perfect day.

A smile for Monday ...

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