Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 1001: Blessed and back at it!

"And", a junk mail collage postcard

Over the past 1000 consecutive days of my silly blog,
I always wondered ... what it would be like to be 
authors of my three favorite blogs.
They get these wonderful comments on each blog.
My numbers were pretty good, but very few comments.
Today (after a little bribing) I found out.
Thank you for so many kind and encouraging comments.

Frank Almeida
Ronda Austin
Chela Banuelos
Yvonne Carri
Roy Center
Nicole Daum
Amelia Davies
Katha  Dulhanty
Julie Eaves
Marilyn Gallas
Sharon Hamilton
Dean Heinitz
Mike Hendrickson
Sharla Hicks
Julie Hobberlin
Erin Houghton
Michelle Howden
Nancy&Jack Huffman
Jeff Hutton
Jane Sanborn Ice
Kim Israelson
Jan Jackson
David Jones
Denise Katzenberger
Navid Kharrazi
Lynn McMahan
Paula Murray
Brandon Nomura

June Nomura
Jane Paquin
Cynthia Peck
John Perez
Seven Perrin
Norma Prickett
Heidi Putschogl
Martha Rockey
Connie Rose
Erin Salloum
Wendy Spielberger
Cam Steuart
CT Thomas
Judith Todd
Michele  Unger
Mitzi Winks
Kimiko Yamasaki
Byrad Yyelland

You have made my day! 

As promised, in exchange for their address (go here for details)
they will receive a "something (probably a postcard), sometime."
A 100% giveaway. I've never won a giveaway, so ...
I thought it would be cool to do it this way?
My thanks for your taking time to visit when you can.

77' in Santa Ana, CA

And after day class, some of us had lunch with Demura Sensei 
before he leaves for Kansas Thursday.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Shogun(3 mos.) & Erin (5) 1979

A smile for Thursday ...

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