Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 974: Bragging rights from 2,061 miles away?

junk mail postcard

That's okay, right?

I "googled" my niece Alana's address, and this photo came up.
Then I map-quested the address for directions and ...

 they can do that! 
I got actual driving instructions for three different routes!
That's how I know it's 2,061 miles and a 30 hour trip.
But, I do get so distracted ...

So anyway, cousin Katha's daughters Alana & Carmen 
were flower girls at my wedding in 1962! Wow!

But again, I am off track, this blog is about ...
Alana's daughter and granddaughter, respectively ...
Math major, Kalene (21), and Elementary Ed. major Briana (19).
A junior and sophomore, both are  scholarship students
and stand-out stars on St. Joseph College softball team.

How cool is that? 
I am so proud of them, 
it's on my bucket list to see them play.
So there, bragging ... long distance!

This was my post for FB Throwback Thursday ...

(the young WonderWoman in soccer & softball days)

& WonderWoman's FB-TBT post today that gave me the idea.

(the very young grand-hunks)

...  ta da!

A smile for Friday ...

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