Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 973: "Do you drink enough water?"

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Back in 1991, my Dad who lived in Florida ... was disoriented 
and unable to continue living alone in his apartment.
The building administrator said I would need to ...
come and move him to a nursing home.
I knew if that was the reality ... it wasn't going to be in Florida.
I flew there and Dad was indeed confused, not himself.
Sometime skipping his meds ... sometimes extra dosing.

I monitored his meds and started him on water. Lots of water!
I remember him saying "I can't drink this much water."
I countered, "Dad, you have to ...
we need to get all that junk diluted and out of your body."
He trusted me and reluctantly drank lots of water. 

In the next three days we gave away, and donated ...
then packed his car with what would fit.
All while eating meals, lots of water & the meds as prescribed.
The next day we set off to California.
Stopping each evening, and many times in between.
The water regimen was in force and got easier for him each day.
It turned out to be a 4 day trip with Dad feeling better each day.
When we pulled into Yorba Linda on the fourth day ...
my Dad was lucid!
Dad lived with us for over a year before getting his own
apartment in Anaheim Hills where he lived on to dance 
at his granddaughter, WonderWoman's wedding in 1996.

And I often heard him talking to people saying ...
" ... do you drink enough water?"

82' in Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Thursday ... 


#1 tattoo of the year ...

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