Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 972: I know you're out there ...

I know you're out there ... , paper collages & photo digitized

I got a blog comment today! A real comment!
That doesn't happen too often.
Okay, I do when it's about Demura Sensei ...
but I can't use Sensei everyday! That wouldn't be fair. 

Now I realize everyone is busy living life ...
with more important things than commenting on a blog.
I do. I realize that.
But I follow Carol's blog,   Roz's blog
and Mary Ann's blog  and they get comments.

Today's comment had the magic words  ...
"Still lovin' the blog - it's how I start my day."

Back when teaching, I had a principal who said ...
he thought I didn't seem to need feedback.
 Actually, I'm pretty needy! Doesn't everyone like feedback?
So when Yvonne says she reads this blog every day ... I melt!

Thank you Yvonne and all you busy people ...
The numbers tell me you're there, just busy, right?
Have a great day & sometime let me know what you're up to?

... feeling blessed, after Grand-hunk#1's varsity OLU VB game, 
traffic on the way home... a great day!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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