Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 967: Like a zombie, slow, out of focus ...

collage layers & photo, digitized

Still on the necessary but dreaded ... antibiotic,
which makes me feel like a zombie, slow, out of focus ...
but then again, you might not notice a difference.
 8 days to go!
But ...
on the plus side, taxes are done!

My new, young, very smart doctor 
was extremely thorough, blood work, cultures,
chest x-ray and found several  hiccups to treat.
One is the temporary need of an inhaler,
the pharmacist explained it was for allergies.

I wanted to tell her that it couldn't be for me.
When I was young, my friend Cathy had allergies.
I asked my Dad about it, and he said ...
"we don't have allergies ...
allergies are for rich people." 
So there.

Have a great weekend.

A last minute post for FB Throwback Thursday ...

the young WonderWoman & Superman

A smile for Friday ...

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