Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 962: All in a day?

I am on Granda TLC duty (taxi, launderer, cook) 
Friday through Monday.
3 Grand-hunks ( 14, 15, & 17) + 4 Grand- dogs in a big house.
All this because it is WonderWoman's birthday Month!

A tradition, to stretch her celebration throughout the month.
So, WW and Superman are enjoying Palm Springs.

Meanwhile, we got up and Jordan, GH1 had left at 6:30 AM
to meet his OLU team for an all day VB tournament in HB.
I let Jake, GH2, drive my car, GH3 & I to 
their cross fit training in Anaheim at 9:30AM...
Then I drove back and took a shower & put in a laundry load,
Back to pick up GH 2&3 at 11:30 AM, 
drop off GH 2 at his girlfriends house, and ...
take Zack, GH3, to OLU for high school registration.

Next year all three guys will be at Orange Lutheran High School.
Back home to let dogs out and put laundry in the dryer.
Next trip was to pick up GH3 and bring him home ...
To shower and get ready to go with friends to a show.
So I am home briefly, to send out the daily blog e-mail late...
And, to do this & schedule it to post Sunday AM.
How is your day?

A smile for Sunday …

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