Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 956: Another great group and off we go ...

Gold,  photos & paper collage, digitized

Somehow I didn't get the memo about daylight savings time!

So I started the day an hour behind!

Note to self: SundayMarch 8, 2015,2:00am, ends SundayNovember 1, 20152:00am.

I would have sworn we changed time in April?

Made it just in time, a new group ready to go, 

all 15 got a new 220 page journal and all supplies …

and we were ready to have fun and play!

A progressive 4 week class (take one or all) … 

a virtual buffet of techniques and exercises, 

with optional homework, (class info here

resulting in a journal full of motivational play.

Filling blank white pages with fun.

2-1/2 hours flies by …

when you're having fun!

And, today we had two special visitors …

Audrey and Cassie!

All in all, a great talented, fun group!

A smile for Monday …

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