Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 952: There's truth and sometimes exaggeration.

"Truth",  junk mail collage, digitized

Prepared to stay in all day and do catch up work for ...
this little "Mom and No Pop" ad agency.
So, no need to do my usual "silly-putty" make-up routine.
Sure it's scary, but if I don't look in the mirror, I'll be fine.
Then it happened, mid-job, I ran out of magenta ink!
A quick trip to Costco and Target, and I am back in business.

"Make-up lady", ipad drawing

You may think I am exaggerating? 
I do sometimes. Okay, a lot!
But, about 30 years ago, Kathi knocked on my front door.
I was in no make-up, work mode when I answered.
She asked if jacki was home?
Honest. She was serious.
True story.

For FB Throw(way)back Thursday …

the young WonderWoman and me

A smile for Thursday …

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