Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 928: On the 7th day, no rest in sight!

"Grover Cleveland", postage stamp & junk mail collage postcard

"And on the 7th day God ended his work which he had made and he rested …"

I am afraid I am behind in my work, again.

I have two jobs outstanding, and

I teach Monday & Thursday @ CSF 

and a meeting Wednesday,

so I will need to work today and rest later.


First job is easy …

print 4 coaches cards  for WW, team Mom for

middle grand-hunk's basketball team. 

Just some color correction, sharpening & print.

(They're all cute, but my grandson is the cutest)



This is the hardest job in a very long time.

66 old, tiny  3" fuzzy photos to correct & corral into

an 18" x 24" pictorial collage composition.

  Lots of hours, but I think it's finally nearing completion.

1. black and white

Chronicling a car trip from the mid west to California ...

2. colors

in 1923 ...

3. vintage sepia

it will be printed on canvas for the client's family members.

4. not in the running ( I did this one for me ;op )

During my special day with Carrol, she asked about this job.

I had to say it was still in progress, but remember thinking …

 I bet "Renaissance Woman" would have had it done …

and delivered!  So today I worked.

A smile for Monday …

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