Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 919: Just three requirements ...

"Say cheese",  old photography & collage, digitized

I was married for 32 years.

I don't plan to marry again.

but … I might get engaged?

If …

I bump into someone with these three requirements:

1. a greats sense of humor, I can't exist without humor.

2. handy at fixing things … I am surrounded by fix-it needs.

3. computer tech abilities, mac specifically.

Got those?

We're engaged!

Disclaimer: This is, of course, my attempt at humor meant for amusement purposes only, 
unless you're a male with the 3 requirements.

And,  in the "did you know" category …
great friend Linda showed me this site …
Hers was for Muncie, IN but at 23' that was too cold for me.
I customized mine, so almost TMI weather info … but so cool! 

Thanks Linda!

A smile for Saturday …

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